Yamashita Tomohisa's diary





It's sudden but

seems like my dream is coming true.

It was written in the book I read today.

Of course, I felt so that way too.

The know-how of making a dream come true is to have a goal.
It appears so.

Indeed, this is very important.

I too, have always been setting, "at tokyo dome,
to hold a Live concert~!"

as my goal.

When this has come true, once again,
moving on to the next dream

And again, the following one.

That's why, there isn't a final goal~

That's why, I'll work hard in that direction.

Anyway, understanding oneself,
advancing forward to one's goal is important

可愛い <太陽の涙>

Yamashita Tomohisa's diary





Yesterday I ate hamburger in a long while.

Together with a university classmate

Because we've not met in such a long while, somehow,
my tension went up!

Furthermore, it was very tasty!

there was a sunny-side-up egg on it
moreover, it was half cooked (laughs)

Tomorrow I'll go surfing from morning onwards
pi heart

Yamashita Tomohisa's diary

vol. 2005




Today I read books which I haven't done so for a long time.

I learned something!

What's important is to have a goal
and then work hard and advance forward to achieve the goal.

I think so this way too.

Lately I've been saying this kind of words

Well, men just need to have the desire to improve oneself

Have to work!

That's what I think.

Of course
cases whereby one wants to work but is unable to are exceptions.

Working hard is tough but,
I feel that fruits of your labor will come for sure.

Such a serious talk feels a little
gross. (laughs)

It's okay once in a while (laughs)

Yamashita Tomohisa's diary





Today I had an interview with Myojo and Popolo!

While I was having the interview, my manager asked,
what is the meaning of popolo?

Popolo in Italian
seems like it means "People".

Sorry (laughs)

That's it.

Recently I'm really troubled.

It doesn't mean bad but.

even more, even more.

I want to become even better.

I want to sing a good song.
I want to act well too.

For the sake of getting nearer to my dreams,
how should I act which is best?

I've been thinking about this kind of things.

I'll work hard everyday with becoming an even better team as an aim.

I'll work hard.


Yamashita Tomohisa's diary





Lately I've been taking the train a lot.

I move around using the train often.
once I say this,

majority of the people will be surprised and say things like,
You take the train!?

There won't be an uproar?

It's completely alright

Though once in a while I'll be asked, "Please shake hands with me"!

Basically it's alright

Because while riding the train,
I like to not think about anything and listen to music
so I take the train often on off days.

and then get off at the station I find suitable

Strolling and eating leisurely
Giving a phone call to friends
If there's free time then we'll go play
If that isn't the case,
I'll walk as I like and take the train again and go home.

A moving-about pattern like this happens a lot!

Today I went to buy my younger sister's Birthday present.

Today a mabudachi caught a cold.

Because it can't be helped, so I decided to buy fruits and visit this mabudachi.

Yamashita Tomohisa's diary





Sorry about yesterday.

Was unable to update.

Today I made the best record.

Sneezed 8 times consecutively.

Sorry. (laughs)

I just wanted to write this in the diary anyway.

Because this is the very first time in 23 years (laughs)

Previously in the middle of the drama filming

I seriously had the urge to sneeze and I endured it really hard.

Until my next line, please recover somehow.

I beg you. Please recover.

Well, I still sneezed as per normal.

Calmly NG-ed.

All of the staffs
as well as all the cast

I'm very sorry.

I won't sneeze for the second time anymore.

So to not let this kind of thing happen again.
I'll take precautions beforehand. (laughs)